Visiting the Lions, Tigers and Cubs of Longfleet

Longfleet Youth FC has been running DSActive sessions for nearly 2 years and they have certainly grown in popularity during that time. A member of the DSActive team visited a recent session to see how they were doing.

It is very clear that every player who comes to the Longfleet sessions is cared for and valued. There are visual prompts on every door to make sure that no one gets lost. All of the coaches know everyone’s names and there is a fantastic community feel to the sessions. The coaches volunteer their time to help out and huge credit must go to them for making the sessions so popular.

Longfleet run three sessions back to back at Carter Community School for the different age groups.

The Lions’ and Tigers’ sessions are a mixture of drills, games and matches, tailored to the abilities of the particular group. It was great to see the newly qualified Level 1 coaches with Down’s syndrome helping to run the sessions. You can read more about their achievements here.

The Cubs’ sessions started and ended with a fun game to get everyone moving. Each player also got to take part in a range of different activities to build up their motor skills and, most importantly, to ensure they had fun.

Each session is run with huge amounts of enthusiasm and everyone left with a big smile on their face. The session’s increasing popularity shows how much fun they are.

To find out more about the Longfleet Youth FC sessions, contact Beverley Bowers on or email the DSActive team.