Visiting the girls of Wimbledon

AFC Wimbledon has been running their female-only DSActive sessions since 2015 and one Sunday recently, one of the DSActive team dropped by to see how they were getting on.

AFC Wimbledon’s DSActive session was the first of the DSActive clubs to offer female-only sessions, to give girls the chance to play football and meet new friends. The sessions run in Wandsworth every Sunday and each session gives the players a chance to work on new skills, improve their health and fitness and, most importantly, have fun.

The session we visited started with a warm up to get everyone’s heart pumping and feet moving. The girls then participated in a wide variety of activities, with the activities being tailored to suit the varying needs of the participants. The activities were not your typical football drills, the activities involved a range of different resources to challenge the participants in different ways. It was also great to see the coach integrating different sports into the session, to work on different aspects of their fitness and skill level.

The session finished with a fun game which had everyone smiling and laughing, and everyone was looking forward to the next session.

For more information on the DSActive Sessions, please get in touch with the team via email or via telephone 0333 1212 300