The very first session at Shooters Hill LTC

Shooters Hill Lawn Tennis Club is based in South East London and on a slightly chilly Wednesday night, head coach Phil and his team ran their very first DSActive tennis session and one of the DSActive team dropped in to see how it went.

Shooter Hill Lawn Tennis Club has six floodlit outdoor courts which provide tennis sessions for all ages and abilities throughout the year. The courts are enclosed by trees and at this time of year the turning leaves fall on to the courts. As the evening drew in it felt great to be out on the courts.

The session started with a bit of warm up to get everybody moving. There were some foot work and running drills to begin and then we moved on to catching and bouncing tennis balls to improve our hand-eye coordination. The tennis rackets came out at this point so that the player could work on their technique. It is fair to say there were some excellent shots on display.

It was great to see all the family, siblings and parents, getting involved in the session, and everyone left with a huge smile on their face. The sessions will be running weekly from now on so if you would like to join in or find out more please get in contact with Phil Layfield ( or with the DSActive team

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