“Swimming and doing sport is good for your whole body and your mind…”

This article was written by Vinay, our colleague at the Down’s Syndrome Association.

Vinay has been working for the Down’s Syndrome Association for over 20 years.

He is very keen on exercise and keeps himself in very good shape. Here is his guest blog on his favourite sport, swimming, and how he keeps so healthy.

Swimming is good for your arms and for the body. It’s good to relax your mind.  It helps you feel good and fit.

Swimming helps me a lot, it helps me to feel more confident in the water.

Yoga is about being aware of your body, using the different parts of your body, and helps your mind to relax and be peaceful.

Before, I did yoga in the office, which helps me to teach other people with Down’s syndrome and my colleagues about yoga.

I always start my day with swimming, as it is good for my body and mind. I prefer swimming to going to the gym, as I think it is better for my body, and keeps me fit and in shape.

Sport is good for you, staying active will help with your health. Never give up on the active things that you do. Swimming and doing sport is good for your whole body and your mind. I find that swimming helps me to relax and be more peaceful.

It is good to have a good diet, I like having a smoothie with lots of fruit in it. For my lunch, I often enjoy having fish with salad. In the evening in like to have some sweet potato with a piece of fish or sometimes lamb.

I think that attending a sporting event is a really good way to inspire more people with Down’s syndrome to take up a new sport.”

Thank you for writing this for us Vinay!

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Vinay also helps the DSA sometimes by taking photos at events. Here are some photos taken by Vinay from our latest athletics multi-skills summer sessions: