Surrey Cricket

Surrey Cricket Foundation are running DSActive cricket sessions in partnership with Spencer Cricket Club. The Surrey Cricket Foundation supports communities, schools and clubs by providing funding, knowledge, coaching and competitions in Surrey and South London. Their goal is to get more people playing cricket, and in doing so we aim to improve health and well-being of the recreational game and identify young talent for Surrey County Cricket Club.

DSActive Sport Officer, Emma:

“Cricket is one of my favourite sports and I am very excited that DSActive are working with Surrey Cricket & Spencer Club. Cricket teaches players different movements such as catching, throwing, striking the ball, running and etc. Cricket can improve your mental health and well-being. The cricket world cup is starting next month, so it’s exciting time to be involved in cricket.”

The sessions are outdoors on the cricket field. In the first week, 11 people with Down’s syndrome attended. The group warm-up involved all players matching the colours. The players were moving across the cricket area and were getting to know each other. Then each player got into pairs and played a target game with a tennis/cricket ball. The aim of the target game was to hit the target within five minutes. Each hit was worth 1 point. The second drill was a throwing and catching activity. For the third drill the players got into teams. Each player took turns to strike the ball on a standing pole and the fielders would move towards the ball as quick as possible. The fielders worked together, communicating with each other and the exercise encouraged players to move and etc.