Start up a Rally at Shooter Hill Tennis Club

The DSActive team recently visited a tennis session at Shooters Hill Tennis Club.

The coaches started with a group warm-up which involved all the players and some of their parents. The warm-up activity was called handball and each player was demonstrating fundamental movements such as throwing the balls, catching the balls and running with the balls. This activity lasted for 10 minutes.

Then the coach introduced coloured hoops and each player was given a tennis racket. Each player was given a few tasks/skills to show their parents such as dribbling the tennis ball, balancing the ball, volleying the tennis ball etc. Many of the players were coaching their parents and showing them
how to hit a tennis ball with a racket and aim for the coloured hoops.

For the last activity, the players paired up and started a mini-rally competition. Each player would get points for keeping the rally going.

The Head Coach, Phil, said:

“Shooters Hill LTC is actively looking to work closely with our local community and schools. We hope to offer everyone an opportunity to play tennis and experience the joy of being able to play our wonderful sport. We hope to see you on the court soon!”

The DSActive Team said:

“Shooters Hill LTC provides a superb playing opportunity for people with Down’s syndrome to play tennis. The game of tennis includes a lot of running around, quick movements, and the use of the entire body. It’s great to see parents getting involved in the sessions too. Tennis is a great way to make new friends within your local community.”

This DSActive Tennis session is open to all players with Down’s syndrome aged 5+ and Shooters Hill Tennis club is open to the community with friendly and fun tennis coaches. The sessions are weekly and have been running for nearly one year. The tennis club is always welcoming new members to the DSActive tennis sessions.

If you would like to find out more about how to get involved in playing tennis, please click here.