Q&A with Anna and Dan

DSActive recently had a chat with Anna and Dan. They wanted to discuss their active lives.

Q. Please could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Anna: My name is Anna Docker. I like swimming. I am sporting.

Dan:  My name is Dan. I am 28 years old. I like going on holiday. I like watching Blue Planet.  

Q. What age did you start playing sport?

Anna: At school age 11.

Dan: I was 28.

Q. What sports do you play?

Anna: I play squash and swim.  I always do walking.

Dan: I like playing table tennis. I like swimming. I like badminton.

Q. How often do you play sport?

Anna: Once a week.

Dan: Once a month.

Q. What is your motivation for playing sport?

Anna: It’s good for me to keep going with it.

Dan: I like learning new skills.

Q. What do you enjoy about work?

Anna: I really enjoy it here a lot.

Dan: I like working with staff. 

Q. If you could try a new sport, what would you try?

Anna: Hockey.

Dan: Bowls, Gym.

Q. Do you play sports with family and friends?

Anna: I do both.

Dan: Yes

Q. What is your favourite meal to eat?

Anna: Gammon, eggs, peas.

Dan: Shepherd pie. Curry.

Q. What would you eat before playing sport?

Anna: Yoghurt/orange.

Dan: Vegetables. 

Q. What would you drink during a sports session?

Anna and Dan: Water.

Q. What would you eat for breakfast?

Anna: Ham egg muffins.

Dan: Weetabix, Branflakes, Fruit and fibre.

Thank you to Anna and Dan for taking the time to answer the questions about your activities and your diet.