Multi-Sports Festival at Blundell’s School

The first Multi-Sport Festival at Blundell’s School in Tiverton happened recently, and despite the unpredictable weather it was a resounding success!

After months of preparation and promotion, the day finally arrived where 14 excellent Year 12 student volunteers under supervision from Blundells’ PE staff planned a day of fun activities for 25 people with Down’s syndrome, to show them how much fun it is to be active, and to develop their skills.

The day started off with a quick workshop where the students were told about the condition, did some myth busting and were given tips on how to adapt the sessions they were going to put on later in the day. In small groups they designed drills and games and before they knew it, it was time to put them into practice.

25 athletes arrived, varying massively in age but all ready to have a great time. They were put into four groups, and took it in turns to try out each station, practising skills such as rugby, football, basketball and athletics. The students rose to every challenge thrown at them, excellently juggling one on ones with group tasks, whilst the athletes showed a high level of commitment, both to their physical development and also their media development, giving great interviews to the Mid Devon Gazette and ITV West Country. The time flew by and in no time it was lunch.

“I like seeing new faces, new people and being sociable. Life is too short to be miserable” – Tom on ITV West Country

The afternoon started off with a certificate ceremony thanking everyone for turning up and acknowledging the commitment they had shown, and then it was time to play some large spaced games including dodgeball and stuck in the mud. As energy levels depleted, students and athletes all played in a joint football match before the day was over and the breathless athletes got a sit down before heading home for a well earned rest.

A huge thank you to Blundell’s School, the students, the athletes, Mayfield school, Selworthy school, the mid Devon Gazette and ITV West Country for all contributing to a great day.