Kate’s Dance Tour

This is a guest blog from our colleague Kate, who is the editor of the Down2Earth magazine. She recently came back from a tour with her dance group, we caught up with her to see how it went. 

Where did you go on your latest dance tour? 

I went to Kosovo for 5 days

How long have you been dancing for?

I was only 18 when I was dancing. I’ve been dancing for 22 years.

Can you tell us how you got in to dancing?

A parent told us about joining a dancing group. My first day was wonderful.

Why do you enjoy dancing?

It makes me feel good. The music makes me feel vibrant. It makes me feel energetic.

What would be you message to anyone who is interested in starting dancing?

Always listen and enjoy, always try everything.

Thanks Kate! Do you have a story to tell? Then we want to hear from you, email dsactive@downs-syndrome.org.uk  to tell us all about it.