Girl power at Coventry

The football season is now swinging back into action and so are the DSActive football sessions.

A member of the DSActive team went to visit Coventry’s session and was VERY impressed with the skills on show.

The session focus was around dribbling, which the girls were all very good at! One player especially was pulling all her tricks and skills out the bag. The girls were able to keep the ball very close to their feet and move with great pace. Once they had finished with their dribbling drill it was time to do shooting practice, which was a very popular exercise! The players had to knock over a set of bowling pins in the goal to gain points…a great way to focus on accuracy!

Finally came the favourite part of each session, the football match! It was a small two v two with the coaches joining in, but the girls didn’t need any help. They had everything under control including a perfect nutmeg which left one of the coaches in shock as they didn’t see it coming! The fantastic footwork and teamwork shown during the game was brilliant to see.

A great session ran by great coaches who are teaching the girls everything they need to know in football! If you would like more information about Coventry’s sessions or would even like to pop along, please look at their website for more information, or contact the DSActive team.