Ending the Summer with Bungay Black Dog Running Club

Bungay Black Dog Running Club is a brilliant monthly athletics session that is just about to start its first indoor winter season. We attended the last outdoor session of the year, and met the athletes and coaches that have made it such a success!

The Bungay Black Dog Running Club meet in a picturesque part of the country on the Norfolk-Suffolk border. When we arrived everyone was ready to get going, with athletes and coaches catching up with each other while other volunteers made final adjustments to the equipment and drills. Although it was late September the weather was glorious…it could have been two months earlier…and the athletes were definitely ready to make the most of the day.

The session began with a warm up to the accompaniment of Abba songs over the loudspeaker. Stretches were followed by walking and into a jog. Then the athletes ran through some drills with ladders, working on agility and technique, followed by a few hurdles and then a throwing activity led by one of the athletes.

After a well received tea and biscuit break, the athletes headed over to the new long jump pit to enthusiastically show off their skills.

Last but not least, and with a lot of laughter and high fives, the athletes got the chance to practice their speed, agility and dexterity with some relay races.

The session ended with a cool down and a presentation of certificates for everyone who took part.

A huge thank you to the athletes and volunteers for a great day in the sun, and enjoy the winter season!

Bungay Black Dog Running Club runs monthly on the third Saturday of every month. Click here to find out more information about the club.