DSActive Summer Camp – Q&A with the Coaches

Hayley has been attending this year’s DSActive Summer Camp. Last week, she interviewed two coaches from the DSActive Summer Camp, Vicky and Howard.

Q: What’s your coaching background?
Vicky: Teaching children at school, coaching girls football for girls under 11.
Howard: Teaching people, PE and amateur football clubs.

Q: What are your favourite sports?
Vicky: Football, cricket and wheelchair football.
Howard: Skateboarding, football, Gaelic football, and wheelchair football.

Q: What do you enjoy about sports?
Vicky: Being active, social and making friends.
Howard: Healthy active and competitive good for you.

Q: What do you think are the perspectives of coaching people with Down’s syndrome?
Vicky: Relationship, trust, fun and flexibility.
Howard: Other people might see it as difficult but it is no different than other coaching.

Q: What is your motivation for coaching people with Down’s syndrome?
Vicky: Helping people who don’t always get the opportunity.
Howard: Making sport accessible for everyone and giving the athletes a chance to improve.

Q: What advice would you give other coaches who are coaching people with Down’s syndrome?
Vicky: Give them time and the opportunity to surprise.
Howard: Give them time. Coaches should know who your participants are and what they need.

Thank you to Hayley for taking the time to write this article, and also a big thank you to Vicky and Howard.

A big thank you to City Bridge Trust for funding this sports programme. To find out more about City Bridge Trust, please link here.