Charlie – Guest Blog

This guest blog is written by Charlie. He attends Brentford Penguins and he has recently appeared on Eastenders.

What is your name?

My name is Charlie.

Do you like sports?

I like lots of sports I play football and golf.

What is the best thing about being in Brentford Penguins FC?

I am the captain of Brentford Penguins FC. Allan the coach made me captain. I wrote a letter to him about the good things to do being a captain of the team. We play football and have fun.

What are your favourite sports?

I like lots of sports. I like football, basketball, cricket and I like to go ten pin bowling with my dad and crazy golf.

Do you enjoy sports? If so, why?

I have fun and get fit. I like running around and kicking balls. My favourite team is Brentford.

Who is your favourite football player/ coach?

My favourite coach is Allan Cockram. He played for Brentford FC. He is a very funny man.

How did you feel when you appeared in Eastenders?

I feel excited about being in Eastenders. It’s fun everyone is nice and they have biscuits. I like being on the TV and meeting the actors.

Do you enjoy acting?

I like acting a lot. I was in 21&Co drama group and I played King Hamlet on the stage for my school.

What new sports would you like to try?

I want to learn golf next.

Thank you Charlie for taking the time to write a blog for DSActive.

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Photo credit: Brentford Penguins FC