Catching up with the Cambridge United Community Trust DSActive team

Every Saturday morning, football players with Down’s syndrome descend on Impington Village College Sports Centre to show off and hone their skills at the Cambridge United Community Trust DSActive session.

On a recent Saturday, the DSActive project manager was able to drop in to see how they are getting on.

The sessions have become so popular that the sports hall has to be split in to two, with the younger players on one side and the older players on the other.

The sessions are a model of inclusion, with parents and siblings encouraged to join in with the football. The Disability Officer, Phil Mullen, who runs the session is assisted by volunteers from the football sessions he runs for people with cerebral palsy.

There was some fantastic football on display from both the younger and the older group, and the parents were certainly given a good run around.

The younger group did a series of different drills, with a focus that week on their dribbling skills. The older group participated in a highly competitive game, with the goals flying in from every angle.

It was fantastic to see all the players looking incredibly happy with their mornings work, although it was difficult to tell who was most tired by the end, the players or the parents!

To find out more about the sessions run in Cambridge look at their website or email Phil on