Bristol show off their skills

The Bristol DSActive team, which is run by Access Sport, had their most successful year ever at the DSActive National Festival in June. A member of the DSActive team dropped in to one of their training sessions recently to see how the team was doing.

Their training sessions run every Sunday at St Paul’s Academy, just on the outskirts of Bristol city-centre. There were 11 players at the session we attended whose ages ranged between 11 and 18. They all looked very professional in their Bristol City kit, which was kindly donated by the club. Access Sport has been running the sessions successfully since 2014. They are a charity who enhances the life prospects of disadvantaged children by providing opportunities to experience and enjoy the power of sport.

The session started off with a passing and shooting drill, giving everyone the chance to practice their skills. Following the drill, and a quick drinks break, everyone was involved in a very competitive match. It was clear to see during the match that the passing and shooting drill had paid off, as there was some fantastic passing and goals flew in from everywhere. The other DSActive teams had better watch out as the Bristol team will be a big threat next year at the National Festival!

The session finished with everyone shaking hands and leaving with a big smile on their face.

It was great to see the players’ parents there supporting the team. They were thoroughly complementary about the sessions, saying that it is fantastic to see the older players including the younger players in the matches, making sure that they stopped and passed the ball to them. A few parents also commented that their child has become more confident and that their interaction skills had improved since joining the sessions.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone at the Bristol sessions for welcoming the DSActive staff. It was fantastic to see how well the sessions are going.

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