Blog from Victoria

Victoria is a very active person. She enjoys sports and regularly attends DSActive football and tennis sessions. These sports sessions are run by AFC Wimbledon Foundation & Fulham Foundation. She also attends swimming lessons and college fitness classes.

Victoria has kindly answered some questions about herself for us in this guest blog…

Q.  Please can you tell me about yourself?
A.  My name is Victoria and I am 23. I enjoy college. I like dancing in musicals, singing, cooking, watching musicals, doing sports and listening to music.

Q.  What age did you start playing sports?
A.  I started swimming at 5, football at 8.

Q. What sports do you play?
A.  I play lots of sports. Swimming, tennis, football. I do a lot of dancing.

Q. How often do you play sport?
A. Six times a week, 2 swimming, 2 football, one tennis and one fitness session at college.

Q. What is your motivation for playing sports?
A.  I want to be strong and get a six-pack. I work hard to be healthy.

Q. What are you studying at college?
A.  Catering Studies.

Q. What do you enjoy about college?
A.  Art, cooking, chatting with my LSAs.

Q. What sports did you play at College?
A.  We go to fitness once a week. We do some walking when we have outings.

Q. What do you enjoy about playing sports?
A.  Most everything. I have to run, save goals. I like racing with my mum when we swim.

Q. If you could try a new sport, what would you try?
A. Ice Hockey.

Q. Do you play sports with family and friends?
A. I swim with my mum and go to the gym with my dad.

Q. What is your favourite meal to eat?
A. Spaghetti Bolognese and fondue.

Q. What would you eat before playing sports?
A. I don’t like to eat before sports. It makes me sick.

Q. What would you drink during a sports session?
A. Lucozade light or just lots of water.

Q. What would you eat for breakfast?
A. Sometimes an egg omelette, sometimes crumpet with cheese, oatmeal and berries or yoghurt and berries, seeds and muesli. I like eggs with bacon, eggs benedict, toast with mushrooms.

Thanks for chatting to us Victoria!

For more information on the DSActive Sessions, please get in touch with the team via email or via telephone 0333 1212 300.