A weekend in Norwich

On a warm September weekend our DSActive Sports Officer, Doug had the pleasure of going to Norwich to watch two brilliantly run DSActive sessions: football with Norwich City FC Community Sports Foundation and tennis with the East Anglia Tennis and Squash Club.

The football session was held at the Open Academy and was very well attended. Around 16 athletes completed different warm ups, showing their skills on the ball whilst also getting some fitness after a long summer in the sun.

After being put through their paces, they split into smaller groups practising specific parts of their ball work and then moved into a shooting drill to show off their killer instinct.

The session ended with 3 small sided games, with the coaches taking on the role of referee, ball boy and occasional goal keeper. The players showed some good team work, movement and camaraderie, with a lot of encouragement for their team and some big goal celebrations.

Despite the threat of rain, the weather came good and it was a lovely Sunday afternoon for players of all ages to get involved in the tennis open day. Spread over a few courts, the players started off in a similar fashion to the footballers, with a few fun warm ups to get back into the mind set of sport. They then practised their throwing and catching, trying to see how many claps they could perform before a catch and even throwing and catching multiple balls.

After a few more activities and a tea break (well received by athletes and parents alike) the players showed off some rallying skills and some long throwing, before the day was rounded off with a fun game of bowling.

A highly successful sporty weekend in East Anglia, and a big thank you to Norwich City Football Club Community Sports Foundation, East Anglia Tennis and Squash Club, Norfolk Tennis and Busseys Norfolk.