A visit to Swindon

Swindon’s DSActive session is one of our longest running sessions.

They’ve always maintained a great balance between having fun and improving their football skills. With a mixture of ages attending, running the session can sometimes be challenging but the Swindon coaching team always manage to make the training engaging and suitable for everyone. One of the DSActive team dropped by recently to watch their session.

The session started with some foot work drills to get everyone warmed up and ready to play some football. The group were then split in to two groups, one group to work on their shooting and one to work on their goal keeping. As always, the session was brilliantly adapted to suit the needs of everyone attending, no matter their age or ability. After the drills were finished and a quick drinks break it was time to see the skills they had been practising put to good use in a match situation.

The teams were very evenly matched, and it was clear to see that the shooting practice had paid off as there were plenty of great goals. There was some fantastic passing and teamwork, all culminating in the latest recruit for the club scoring a hat-trick at her first session!

The DSActive team member said: “It was fantastic to come and watch the session this evening. The Swindon session is always great fun to attend, and it’s always a pleasure to see everyone smiling and having fun. I was impressed by the real sense of community the club has, with all the parents being supportive towards the players and to each other.”

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