“13.1 miles is a long way”

This is a guest blog written by Danielle. Earlier this year Danielle took on her first half marathon with her dad and her sister. These are her own words about how the day went…

My name is Danielle, last year I decided I wanted to do a half marathon. I started training and did some 10ks races with my dad and he was training me to get me fit. My dad chose the Hull half marathon because it was flat and I don’t like hills.

On Sunday 10th of June I got up at 5.00am I had my breakfast we drove to Hull it was a nice day for running because it was cool. My dad and my sister promised me that they will get me round if I listened to them. There was a lot of runners they encouraged me all the time.

At 9.00am we started the race my dad and sister told me not to go too fast and they stayed with me all the time. They made sure I had plenty of water to drink to keep me hydrated. I had some energy gels as well. The weather got hotter and they poured water over my head to keep me cool.

I tried to run for 4 minutes and walk for a minute but after about ten miles I was tired and had to walk more. Everybody helped me by clapping and cheering me on. When we got near to the finish I sprinted so I could beat my dad and sister. I got a medal and a t-shirt for finishing it. I was very tired when I finished and my legs were aching a lot.

I think 13.1 miles is a long way and I don’t know if I will do another one. I am glad that I did it because it is a big achievement and I made my family proud.   

A huge well done to Danielle for finishing the half marathon! Danielle is also a member of the Lincoln DSActive football team who competed at this years’ DSActive National Festival

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